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ASIAN ADVENTURES with 2018 Editorial Winner Chloe V WEEK 3

Well. I was only meant to be here for 2 weeks but they asked me to extend my trip by another week as it was going so well. So… WEEK THREE has been a whirlwind of more press, more TV, more touring and more eating lol. My Dutch model house mate has finished her time here and gone home and I’m now sharing with a lovely girl from Cape Verde, so all good.

I wasn’t a huge fan of fish before I came here and I certainly couldn’t use chopsticks but it’s amazing what you can achieve with practice. I’ve also learned a little Korean! I suppose I can say the same thing about me, personally. My confidence has grown so much by being here and I can’t thank Top Model enough (again!) for making this happen.

I managed to sneak in some ‘Western’ food during one of our late night shops. I never thought I would enjoy a pretzel or a burger or fries as much as I did, but there is only so much rice and fish a girl can eat. We visited a huge conference run by Bit Coin and, once again, they spelt my name wrong! I’m used to that back home so nothing new there. I visited a Skin Replenishing Clinic and had face lazer treatment, which is not as bad as it sounds as it helps to rejuvenate the skin and clears dead cells. I have to say, I did feel refreshed after it. Like any major city, pollution gets in the skin and so every little bit helps. There are plans to visit a Children’s Hospital, more touring and a farewell party before I head back to the UK, so looking forward to that.

It’s been an incredible trip that I could never have dreamed of taking before I entered Top Model and I can’t thsnk them enough. Looking forward to going home on Saturday and seeing what the future will bring. I miss my Mum! Big hugs and love from Asia. Chloe x

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