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ASIAN ADVENTURES with 2018 Editorial Winner Chloe V WEEK 1

WEEK ONE …has just been INCREDIBLE! The general theme has been lack of sleep… early starts… fun… laughter… and fish! There have been full days of shoots, shows and touring including a TV commercial for one of the trip sponsors Orakel Cosmetics, a Street Fashion show that drew huge crowds and a Victoria’s Secrets style show at a luxury VIP event. Rehearsals are generally very short and to the point, so the coaching and runway training I received as a Top Model finalist is proving to be very handy. My hair & make-up is being done by a lovely team of Korean girls, none of who speak a single word of English but we seem to get through it OK. There have been lots of dinners and they certainly like their fish here! I had never eaten a whole fish before (especially one that was still looking back at me!) and had never used chopsticks… but I’m never one to turn down a challenge.

The jet-lag finally started wearing off around Day Three and the coffee was helping. Midweek I received a What’s App from Geoff Cox at Top Model HQ in London telling me I had made the national media in Asia!! This is just so unreal. I’m a small town girl from Essex, bullied at school as a teenager and made to feel worthless… to THIS! I’m pinching myself. PROPER VIP!

As well as all the modelling, I’ve visited a food market, been to a monastery and had tea with a monk, toured the countryside and parks and travelled by steam train! I’ve worn some gorgeous clothes for the shoots and shows and one of the outfits I wore was a beautiful black gown kindly loaned to me by Top Model and London Fashion Week designer Michaela Frankova.

I moved hotels three times in the first five days, which with 30kg in luggage plus my hand bags has not been fun. It’s so peaceful when away from the hustle and bustle and I’ve had time to reflect and appreciate what’s happening in my life. Doing Top Model and this trip away has put me in such an amazing place and I’ve decided that just “being happy” is my aspiration to succeed. If you have a positive and happy vibe you will attract the same back. Work hard for what you want but respect those around you.

Missing my family and my bf and it’s weird having the +8 hours time difference and being up-and-about here when everyone in England is still in bed. So excited for the rest of the trip though! Hope you like my pics. Chloe x

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