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Those lucky enough to be selected as a Top Model Worldwide Grand Finalist are required to arrange Place Sponsorship (participation fee) to help towards the costs of their place in the Top Model 2017 competition and to support our Charity Fundraising.


The Place Sponsorship (participation fee) only applies to those who are selected as finalists and there are NO ENTRY FEES to apply for Top Model and you do-not need professional pictures.


In 2016 Top Model raised over £37,000 for Great Ormond Street based childhood cancer charity CHILDREN with CANCER UK and has raised over £105,000 for charities overall.


Unlike other events, Top Model has a selection process and so the Place Sponsorship (participation fee) only applies to those applicants who are actually selected as Grand Finalists following a detailed application process. Anyone can sponsor a Grand Finalist or a finalist can self-sponsor.


For 2017, individual Grand Finalist Place Sponsorship for Top Model Worldwide has been frozen for the 6th year in a row at ONLY £195.



Top Model finalists receive all of the following;


A GUARANTEED PLACE in the prestigious Grand Finals of the leading international professional model search competition TOP MODEL WORLDWIDE!


MERCHANDISE! A branded TOP MODEL t-shirt or similar and any other TOP MODEL merchandise that may be available, from the event organisers or event sponsors, for the finalist to keep and to use during and after the TOP MODEL 2017 Grand Final and event.


PROFESSIONAL TRAINING! Professional coaching, mentoring and runway training will be provided to the sponsored model along with media support and guidance.


RUNWAY IMAGES! A huge number of images are taken at our Grand Finals and finalists have full, free access to download and use them via social networking and other official links.


HAIR & MAKE-UP at the Grand Finals! We have a full professional team of Make-Up artistes and Stylists who take care of this on behalf of Top Model at the Grand Finals.


DRESSED BY DESIGNERS at the Grand Finals! Designers to be announced.


TWO FREE TICKETS TO THE TOP MODEL 2017 GRAND FINALS WORTH £80! The Grand Finalists Place Sponsor can claim two free Standard tickets to the 2017 Grand Final that their Sponsored Grand Finalist is appearing in as part of their Sponsorship. Additional tickets can be purchased if required and the tickets can be upgraded to a higher grade of ticket by simply paying the difference. All tickets are subject to availability.





If a business or company would like to sponsor a finalist, the following superb benefits are also included as part of the Place Sponsorship (participation fee);



The Sponsor will be publicised and promoted on-line via Top Model by having their name and web link prominently positioned alongside the sponsored finalist throughout the competition on the official TOP MODEL website for your category.



Throughout the build up to the Grand Final show weekend, the Grand Finalists are encouraged and supported to appear in regional editorial press and many on regional and national radio/TV.



By working closely with their sponsored finalist, a Grand Finalists Sponsor can potentially enjoy extensive press coverage by sharing the Grand Finalists media attention. A Grand Finalists Place Sponsor also has full consent from Top Model to use the sponsored model throughout the competition for any additional local press and public relations (fair use).


There is also the obvious additional post event exposure potential for a Grand Finalists Place Sponsor should the sponsored finalist go on to collect a major Top Model award or WIN!



We are always interested in speaking with potential new EVENT SPONSORS too, so please contact us by e mail on for more information.